Monday, October 29, 2007

Let me share a secret . . .

Color coding charts is the way to go!

I have never used a chart before when working with cables. The slanting box always threw me off and I could never remember which cable I was supposed to be knitting. So I would write out the pattern. Yup, what a time waster that is but that's what I did.

One day ArtLady1981 from Knitting Help mentioned that when she knits cables from a charted pattern she just takes a few minutes to color code them and she eve shared a picture. I thought that was a very cool idea since I'm super anal and that it would help with the GAAA squares. Then I came across this sweater pattern that my father-in-law loved and it only uses a chart for the cabled section. This was the perfect time to practice!

This took me probably 5 minutes at the most and has helped me knit super fast! I can't believe I didn't think of this before. It's so simple and makes it so easy to read at night. Moving forward I plan to color code all of my charts and forget writing everything out. Just a little time to prep and off knitting!

I am almost done knitting the back of the sweater, most likely sometime this week. I will take a small break to finish one of my WIPs and then I'll get back to it - or should I say the front of it :)

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Anonymous said...

Hmm.... that's actually a very good idea, and a real time saver from the looks of it. Charts are a little daunting for me too, so I'll definitely use that tip.