Monday, October 1, 2007

It's Just a Blur . . .

Wow. The last week and a half was nothing but work, migraines and eventually hanging out with my family. You know it's bad when your head hurts so bad you can't knit. It's all better now but man that sucked.

I received the Oddball Lapghan last week and knit my 3 inch section using the Large Basket stitch that I found in my Vogue Knitting book. Here's a shot of my section:

I was originally going to use the Shine Worsted in the grass color that I had left over from the Pea Pod Baby set but the previous knitter used a similar color and I thought it would have been overkill. Here's a shot of the entire afghan so far:

I really like how the white looks next to the green. I couldn't really try to find a color that would have looked good with the whole thing so I just went basic white. I had some Caron's Simply Soft left over from the White Christmas squares (on my third one already) so I figured it would save me a trip to the yarn shop.

It was a fun experience and I hope to participate in more of these projects for charity.

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