Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Recent Acquisition

In preparation for our trip to London next month my husband decided to get me my Christmas present early. I had asked for a small, slim camera for my personal use, somewhere under $250 and he could research it and pick out the best one for the money. He decided that this is technically a present for both of us since I'll be using it to take lots of pictures of our son. Granted, we already have a really nice camera. It's a Konica Minolta DiMage Z2 but it has always been too big to easily take with us on trips. It travels like a second purse and I've always been afraid that I'd break it. Here's my old camera:

It's not gigantic and it's worked very well for my knitting pictures but carrying it around the playground while I chase after my son is out of the question. So here's what my husband choose to replace it:

Oh yeah. It's a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T200 and it's super small. It would fit in the pocket of my jeans or in my cargo shorts very easily. Let's say I'm holding my son with one arm and just have one hand available:

BAM! I just use my thumb to slide the cover over. I think it might be smaller than my husbands Blackberry. Here's a back shot of the display (finger prints on it already):

No clue what the display looks like yet because the batteries are still charging. Here's a top view to see how slim it is:

So cool. I think we might buy an extra rechargeable battery for it just in case. This is going to be perfect for traveling and getting pictures while we're out and about. I'm so excited to start using it.

We haven't decided what to do with the old camera yet. I'm thinking that once we get used to the new one that we should sell it but no decisions yet. Now I really need to build that light box so I can take professional pictures of my amateur knitting!

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