Friday, September 21, 2007

Triathalon Weekend

I've been knitting on the Palindrome scarf all week and loving every minute of it. I was feeling a little overwhelmed with projects coming up until I made a list. Lists always help me feel better.

Main Projects:
Jerry's sweater (from Men in Knits)
Bonnie's scarf (My So Called Scarf pattern)
Glorianna lace scarf

Mindless Knitting:
White Christmas squares

Ahhh . . . . that felt better. That's not too long of a list. I'm such a process knitter that I just don't want to feel pressured to rush and complete projects. Just not my style . . .

Then I realized that I'm next in line for the Charity Oddball Lapghan project on Knitting Help! This helps me tremendously because I can make this a priority project as soon as I get it and put off deciding on my next one to cast on! I may have to purchase yarn for this one because I think the yarn I selected with clash with the previous knitted section. Both are greens and close but not exact in shade. I have the feeling that this will be my last yarn purchase for awhile. Last time I went over 300 days without purchasing yarn. I wonder how long I can go this time . . .

This weekend we're heading down to Canandaigua, NY for a triathlon. My husband will be competing with the goal of completing the race and not walking during the run. This will be his 2nd triathlon and he's such an inspiration to me. Let's just say he's not your typical triathlete. My husband is a big man and would never be described as a runner (I think he's in the Clydesdale division). He may struggle with swim and just get through the run but he kicks a$$ in the bike! He cruises by guys half his size on the bike without blinking. I'm very proud of him and can't wait to see him cross that finish line. I tear up every time!

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