Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Reversible Cables Are Just Cool

Labor Day weekend is our anniversary so we always take off and go somewhere fun. I like to take a mindless knitting project with me so this time I chose Silver's free Palindrome scarf. It's a reversible cable scarf that was modified from the Irish Hiking scarf that everyone loves. I love it!

I'm using Wool-Ease sport weight yarn that's discontinued so I had to add an extra cable to make it wide enough. I do like how it's turning out and I think this will have to become my absolute favorite scarf pattern. After knitting this I think all scarves should be reversible, it just makes sense. Here's my progress:

Not bad for just a long weekend of knitting, huh? Well, my husband and I laughed over how the color wasn't exactly something that we would pick out for ourselves. It's call mushroom and looks ok on the skein and it looks ok knitted up but when I'm trying to untangle the yarn vomit from the center pull it looks like cat puke. I should have enough yarn left over to work up the matching hat. It will be great as a charity project to drop off this winter.

Since I've been home I did pick up the lace scarf again and no more big mistakes. I just needed a break from the frustration and now I'm cruising along at about 20 rows a night. Yeah, just lightning fast. I decided to slow down in the hopes that I will avoid frogging again and again.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever used lifelines before? I've recently discovered them and am totally loving them!

I think that scarf is going to stunning. Hehe, maybe at the end of it you'll have grown attached to the colour?

Anonymous said...

ETA: When I'm knitting with lace, I just use plain old sewing thread for my lifelines. Thread a sewing needle and "reverse it" (using the wrong end of the needle) through to catch the stitches that are currently on the knitting needles (that way I don't accidently sew the thread through the yarn).

End off by knotting the two ends of the thread together so that it doesn't get worked out when you then knit that row. Also, I only use lifelines on rows where there aren't any yarn overs, so I know that I'm not missing a stitch along the way.

I hope that helps!