Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Um, yeah. Last night I made a couple mistakes with my lace scarf and I just couldn't figure out how to fix them. I ripped it out and cast on brand new for the fourth time. It's not the yarn or the pattern, it's me. I was just having a bad day. The good news is that this time I should do much better because I'm used to knitting with lace weight yarn now. It's really hard to switch from worsted to lace quickly. I took the time to rewind my ball on the ball winder so that it's much looser than before. My Dad helped me wind this one and it was way too tight (not his fault at all).

I need to work on my unknitting skills with the SSK stitch. That's the one that keeps messing everything up for me. It's not a big deal to unknit a few stitches in a row if you forgot a yarn over or something like that BUT it turns into a big mess if you can't correctly unknit that SSK. I thought I knew how to do that just fine but with this fine yarn I just can't seem to do it this time.

I'm just going to take deep breaths and take my time. No deadline with this project either although being in Ravelry seems to make me want to knit faster so I can get to more projects on my To Do list.

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