Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend Knitting & Shopping

I have finished 2 out of the 5 repeats for the Morioka square and it's going faster each time. I may have this one done in weeks instead of months! Here's my progress:

I love how fast this is knitting up now. I was so intimidated by this project and now I'm just loving the details.

I found a male volunteer to be my guinea pig and let me knit him a sweater. He selected the pattern an the yarn. He's also married to my mother-in-law so he definitely appreciates the hard work that goes into a project. This will be my first adult pullover. I'm excited to get working on it but I'm not sure when I'll start. I don't have to have it finished until May at the earliest - but I could sneak in and try to get it done for Christmas.

He chose the cover pattern from Men In Knits to be knit up in Wool-Ease Chunky in the Charcoal color. I think it will look fabulous!

As a side note, I told my father about the project and he said that he likes sweaters too. It looks like I'll have a sweater to knit up for next Christmas now too. Now I just have to get him to pick a design that's in style and that I like . . .

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