Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mission Organization

I got around an inch of knitting done last night. I would have done more but I kept messing up the SKP stitch. For some stupid reason I keep wanting to k2tog instead of just k1 on that stitch. UGH!

I finally broke out the fancy row counter and it's a godsend! There are technically only 2 patterns (A and B) and it's set up where you knit ABA except the second A starts half way through. I decided to consider this 3 patterns and just use my stitch counter. No more tic marks on a notepad for me! I'm knittin' super fancy!

My goal for this afternoon is to reorganize my pattern binders. I've got the nice plastic sleeves for them but I seem to forget to use them. My patterns just keep piling up next to the printer. I might be able to get it done since my two trouble makers seem to be cuddling (the snoring is starting to get annoying).

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