Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Finished Object - Peapod Baby Set

After about a half hour of searching through my stash of buttons I finally found some that I was content with using. I wanted to got with some wooden looking ones but I just didn't have the right size. I found a set that looked horrible on the little white card they were sold on but I think they are lovely against the green.

Not bad for only being my second baby cardigan and maybe my 4th or 5th hat ever. While I already know that I am not a photographer, I'm also not a seamstress. Those buttons make me nervous especially since a baby could choke on them. I did my best but I plan to attach a note so that Sean's mommy can double check that they are secured enough. She's definitely a very good seamstress. As for now, I'm happy that they're not falling off:

Just in case you don't believe me about not being a photographer, check this out:

Yeah, that's pretty bad. In real life the hat doesn't bell out like that but I wanted to show the pattern with the nice decreases on top. Can't blame me for trying! On to the specs of the project . . .

Pattern: Peapod Baby Set (Free)
Yarn: Knit Picks Shine Worsted in Grass
Needles: size 5 straights (long & short versions) & DPNS
Notions: size 5/8" buttons
Time frame: 7/19/07 to 8/13/07 (I procrastinated with seaming & sewing the buttons on)

General Pattern Comments: I would say that my frustration level was pretty high with certain sections of the pattern because it is rated at the Intermediate level and I'm still maybe an Advanced Beginner at best. Now that I've done it once though the next time would probably be much easier. I just got confused in the parts where it's written like a conversation and not row by row instructions.


Josephine said...

Congrats! The set looks gorgeous -- the buttons really work well against the green. I'm trying to narrow down the button choices for my own Peapod. I was thinking about pearls, but the mossy-green color of the yarn probably works best with a wooden button. Hmmm.... We'll see.
By the way, thanks for getting back to me about that pattern issue. That (1 st inc'd) really threw me at first, but I was able to figure things out after reading through the entire pattern a few times (her phrasing was definitely tricky in places). It also helped to look at pictures of other Peapods and get a better idea of how all the stitches are supposed to line up. I appreciate the help.

Josephine said...

Just wanted to follow up and let you know that I finally finished the Peapod Baby Set. The details are on the blog. Happy knitting in 2008!

Jecka said...

I love that Pea Pod Set...the website didn't open to the pattern...can you forward me the PDF of it? Thank you so much, it's appreciated...