Friday, August 10, 2007

It's Friday already?

No pictures today since I already packed the camera. You'll have to trust me. The pea pod cardigan is all sewn up and there's only a few rows left on the hat. The search is on now for the perfect buttons in my giant inherited stash of buttons.

I'm heading up north again this weekend to go camping with my folks. Just me and the big guy this time since my husband is heading over to Watkins Glen with some friends to watch the NASCAR race. I don't plan to knit much while I'm there but I'm thinking I should stash a washcloth pattern and some yarn just in case we have a campfire . . .

I just recently added Silver's Palindrome reversible cable scarf to my To Do list. It's a spin-off of the Irish Hiking scarf and I can't wait to try it out. I'm also still hunting for a manly scarf pattern to knit up in Chicago Bears colors (yes I still live in NYS and I'm still a Giants fan, this is a co-worker request). I'm having a great time adding projects to my queue in Ravelry. I'm probably adding 2-3 each time I sign in! Thanks a lot of knitting :)

UPDATE: The hat is finished! Pictures on Monday!

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