Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I casted on the Morioka square last night for GAAA. This will be my third square and I'm looking forward to getting to the pattern. It's a combination of lace and cables - both my favorites. I literally just got it started so here's an exciting picture of the beginning ridges:

Yup, just thrilling to photograph. Nothing says beauty like 6 rows of knitting with one foundation row. I don't have many distractions planned for the rest of this month so I'm interested to see how long it will take for me to knit this up. I'd like to use this one to get a realistic time frame for completing the project. I still don't plan to knit one square right after another though because I don't want to get burnt out.

Over the weekend I started more of my mindless knitting for when it's too busy around me to work on the GAAA square:

I'm trying to get all of my cotton yarn in summer colors knit up first while it's still hot outside. I still have many balls left of Sugar'n Cream - too many to count right now (I don't want to get depressed). The good news is that they are quick to knit up and I should have all of them done by Christmas time.

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