Thursday, August 9, 2007

"It wasn't me! It was the one armed man!"

I had to go to Chicago for work on Monday and Tuesday so I decided to start on the hat for the pea pod baby set. I love knitting in airports, it relaxes me and I don't get angry with delays. For some reason I wasn't relaxed. I found the pattern challenging and not exactly intuitive. I had to read it over and over again before I understood it. It may be that I was thinking about work stuff and not in the knitting zone. This is what I got done:

I'm at the last pattern section and I just can't figure out the decreasing stitches part while continuing the pattern. I'll have to look at that later on this week.

As a break from the hat, last night I finished the collar, sewed up the sleeve seams and sewed on one sleeve. Considering that I am a knitter and not a seamstress I think it's not too bad:

Not bad, that is, if you're a one-armed baby! I really don't like finishing work so why is it that I seem to find patterns with tons of seaming? I should be able to get the other arm attached tonight and possibly finish the hat (if I can decipher the pattern).

GOOD NEWS! The baby-to-be recipient is no longer a baby-to-be! He was born on Saturday with lots of drama but very healthy and absolutely beautiful. I won't be able to snuggle him in person for a few months since his mom and dad live 900 miles away but I do hope to get more pictures once they're settled at home.

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