Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Knitting & Family Time

Last night I was able to complete another pattern repeat. We watched Are we there yet? (I just love Ice Cube) and then the season finale of America's Got Talent (my parents were really into this show - me not so much). Anyway, I have one more pattern repeat to go. I think I really have a shot at getting this GAAA done in my life time!
My husband is traveling this week and my parents have the week off so they're here having some grandparent time with our son. I took a break from work and went downstairs to see what they were up to.

They put him to work doing the laundry!

He's going back for another load of clothes!

He spotted me and decided to take a break from all the hard work.

But he's not sure which toy to play with.

Still not sure so he sits down for another look.

The wagon wins and he's off to the races.

With a break for a photo op of course!

After running all around the house he wipes out at the bottom of the stairs.

All of that running makes a boy tired! Time to take a break with Grandpa!

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