Wednesday, August 1, 2007

More Pea Pod

As promised here's my update on the Pea Pod Baby Set. It's pretty much a vest as of today:

I do like how it's knit up in one piece but I would have liked a little heads up on getting the super long needles for the initial cast on. Once I did that it was so much easier to knit and I wasn't worried about stitches coming off. Here's what it looks like unfolded:

I'm excited to start the sleeves tonight. I'd probably have much more done by now except my husband is traveling for work so that means it's Netflix at night for me. I'm watching Rome and it just keeps getting better. Good thing I was mainly doing stockinette stitch last night and binding off. Man that series is good!

I started this project with no deadline involved but it turns out that I'm going to Chicago and if I can get it done in time then I can save on the postage. The mama-to-be thinks she's going to go early, good thing I'm knitting up the 6 month size!


Alex said...

What a wonderful cardigan for a baby! It will look great when it's finished. :)

Josephine said...

It's absolutely beautiful -- I can only hope mine looks that good. Unfortunately, I'm stuck on the Leaf Lace Set Up row. How did you interpret "1st st inc'd"? Also, I'm a little confused by what follows -- "knit to last 6 sts., [p1, k1] 3 times". Could this be an error (I'm currently working an RS row)? Thanks for any help you can provide =)