Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Family Get Together

We took off last week to head up north for a family get together. It was lots of fun. My nieces and I played the Simpson's version of Life many times and everyone was wrapped up in their own Harry Potter book (I think I'm the only one on the planet that hasn't read any of the books yet). Fun was had by all, especially our son:

This would be Will enjoying Grandma's famous Saturday morning pancakes. Next up is a horsey ride with Grandpa on a broom.

He must have worked up a sweat because he decided to relax in his new pool.

Last but definitely not least is the famous "muscle man" pose since he is a future champion in the Strongest Man competition.

At night I did get some work done on the Peapod Baby cardigan. I should have another progress picture to post tomorrow. It turns out that I'll be in Chicago next Monday and it's a perfect time to give the finished gift to the baby-to-be's father. I'm going to try to get everything done by then but if not I'll just have to mail it. I'm not going to rush and end up making a mistake. I've learned my lesson!

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Sarah-Hope said...

What a happy boy! So nice to see all his smiles.