Wednesday, July 18, 2007

GAAA - Levy Square

My plan of attack to knit The Great American Aran Afghan was very methodical. I went through the pattern book and picked out the 20 squares I liked the most. I organized them from easiest to hardest just so I'd know what I'm getting in to. My hopes are to learn as much as possible from the easier squares to that the more difficult ones don't kill me.

Here is the finished square that I completed over a year ago:

This is the Julie H. Levy square, 1 of 5 easiest squares. I don't have any stats for this square but I will say my favorite part was the "Serpentine Cable" in the middle. I did learn how to make a bobble while knitting this up. It sounds difficult but it's super easy once you make a couple. This square took me about a month to knit. This was before I had much experience with knitting. I think if I was to start this same square today it would probably take 2 weeks at most.

Side Note: Since I'm one of the moderators now for the GAAA knit-along I should provide some info. The knit-along can be found here. This site has links for purchasing the pattern (about $12.95) and instructions on how to join (basically email me your info and I'll invite you to join). The archives are great for finding help on a topic and I love when people post pictures of the squares and progress. It's great motivation!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Pretty square! I wish I had the skills to try the GAAA, but not quite yet.