Friday, July 20, 2007

GAAA - McIntire Square

This is by far my favorite pattern in the whole book. Barbara McIntire's square is all cables which is pure beauty in my opinion. The cable in the middle called a "Saxon braid" and braided rib cables are on each side.

I don't have exact stats on this one because I started it over a year ago. I picked it up this past weekend and finished it last night. Super fast! I guess working with a US 8 needle can do that.

I have my next square picked out and ready to go but I need to take a quick break to make a baby project first. I would be disappointed about this but baby gifts take priority!


Sherlda said...

Hi, Angela. I thought that I would drop by your blog. I love your cable work. I have it on my to do list.

Angela said...

Thanks! Definitely join the knit-along when you start it!