Tuesday, September 18, 2007

White Christmas square #2

On the weekends I've replaced my dishcloth knitting with the White Christmas squares project. This is square #2 and I'm using a simple basketweave pattern from my Vogue Knitting book. I love this pattern and I was thinking about working it up into a scarf some day but with this square I get to scratch my basketweave itch and get some good work done for charity!

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I'm still working on the Palindrome scarf and I'm in no hurry to finish. It's a joy to work on and honestly, I just don't know which project to pick next for my main knitting. Do I start on the sweater for my father-in-law and try to get it done before Christmas? Do I be responsible and work up another Great American Aran Afghan square like my original goal was intended for every other project? Do I dive into that luscious purple yarn and knit up the scarf for my mom?

Decisions are just too hard!

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Windyridge said...

We have a cat named Cistero because he was a stray found in Cicero. Make sense? Actually the kids mispronounced Cicero and the name stuck. They were young at the time!
Thanks for stopping by. I lke your blog. please stop in again for a visit especially since you don't live too far away!