Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Knitting Podcasts

For my husbands birthday I bought him a bigger iPod because he was running out of room on his old one. So now I have his old one that's 30G and he has the ginormous 80G. I decided to start taking advantage of all of the knitting podcasts that are out there but I wasn't sure when I would have a chance to listen to them. Can't at work because it would be distracting and can't at night because it just wouldn't be social.

Solution? Well, I need to start working out again. My migraines have subsided for the time being so that means I need to get my butt back on the treadmill and lose some more baby weight. It's still coming off a little bit each month just by watching my portions but I'd like to fit into a size 10 or 12 again someday and at the rate I'm going that will be when I'm 50.

I found that the Knit Picks podcasts are all around 30 minutes which is exactly my workout time. I'm going to start today at the very beginning of their series and try it out. My hopes are that my interest in knitting will get me on the treadmill. After that I've got the full series of Cast On to try and they're about an hour each. I figure I should be able to drop a few pounds just by getting through these two.

There are so many out there that I bookmarked the Knitting Help thread that has everyone's suggestions and I can't wait to try them as well. I'm optimistic that my love of knitting will help me get back into shape so I can keep up with my son on the playground!

If you have a favorite definitely let me know in the comments! I'm still very new to the whole iPod thing but I'm a quick learner!

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, now I want an iPod too! I seriously need to get my rear into a gym too.