Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Busy Hands

Well, it's been an event filled weekend. I spent all day Thursday and most of Friday in the hospital with my husband. He had an emergency surgery to remove his appendix. Now we have matching scars - how romantic!

I had plenty of time to knit while I waited for him and I was able to make a couple dishcloths for my mother to match her kitchen. Mindless knitting is very soothing when you're waiting to see if your loved one is ok. I found that you can almost make 2 dishcloths out of 1 ball of Sugar n'Cream cotton yarn. My picture is hiding the missing tip on the second one. I was probably only 4-5 rows short.

It's very entertaining to see where the colors will pool and where it will just stripe.

I did finish my braided cable scarf in the hospital too but I didn't get a picture yet. I'll save that for tomorrow. Instead I have a picture of Samson enjoying the fact that my large project bag is finally empty.


Carrie said...

Pretty pretty kitten!

Angela said...

Thank you! He's a cuddler too!