Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Happy Birthday!

This past weekend was full of craziness. We had family come in for Will's birthday and I think I cooked enough food for an army. Most important was the big guys cake which he definitely liked.

I literally have an entire roll of film plus video of him eating this cake. It was just too much fun watching him. I purposely did all of our laundry on Friday in preparation for the weekend. This is the aftermath on Monday morning.

Yes that is a full laundry basket for a single 1 year old kid! Notice anything particular about that bathmat hanging from the side? Here's a closer look:

That is a perfect chocolate cake and frosting hand print. Priceless!

In knitting news I have finished 1 of the 4 seed stitch sections for the border. It's not that exciting to look at but I am moving forward to finish this project since I'm a dedicated knitter!

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