Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Finished Object - Braided Cable Scarf

The Braided Cable Scarf was so much find to knit. It was a perfect travel project for long car rides, sitting in the airport or just to unwind at my folks house up north. I purchased the yarn on impulse during our anniversary weekend last Labor Day. We visited Adirondack Yarns in Lake Placid because I love to find all of the local yarn shops when I travel (I found it using the Daily Knitter's directory). They were running a special where you purchased yarn and received free patterns. This is how it turned out:

I still need to weave in the ends but I don't feel like doing that quite yet. I think this will end up going to the Red Scarf Project but I haven't made a final decision yet. It's so soft and so beautiful I may just keep it for myself.
Pattern: purchased from Adirondack Yarns, not sure if it's free or copyright
Yarn: Chunky Baby Alpaca
Needles: size 10 bamboo with one cable needle
Time frame: Started 9/2/06 and finished on 5/25/07

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