Monday, June 4, 2007


The garage sale was ok. I was disappointed initially because we didn't get rid of more stuff but I had very unrealistic expectations. I was hoping to get rid of 75-80% while I probably only got rid of 25%. The crazy thing is that We made $136.25 and the most expensive item was $5 that was sold! We had beautiful weather and most people that stopped in purchased at least one thing. Everything was priced to go ranging from 25 cents to $10. I really shouldn't complain. I did find this stack of patterns:

I need to sift through them and keep the knitting ones that I would actually make. Many are crochet, beaded ornaments, holiday gifts, etc. I think I'm also going to keep the box of buttons that didn't sell. They are all brand new and would look great on a knit cardigan someday. I think a couple might be antiques but I'm no expert.

Everything is back in the garage now so I'm going to start sorting into these categories: Donate, Sell, Keep, Trash. There's a Rescue Mission at the end of my street that accepts mainly clothing & furniture so that will help. I'm going to try for the first time and see if I have any luck. If not, I may try eBay for some of the nicer items.

Overall it was a good weekend, I spent time with family and ended up meeting a few of my neighbors. It's back to the grind now on Monday morning but I'm looking forward to meeting up with the Monday Night knitting group again.

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