Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend Festivities

This past weekend was the 6th Annual Jefferson County Sheep & Wool Festival. It's about halfway to my in-laws so we decided to meet there, spend some time and have a picnic lunch. We paid $5 per person and then had to fight the crowds:

Clearly, I jest. This is my son and I in the vast, yet empty field used for parking about 10 cars (including the 4-5 vendors). That's it. Not a ton of yarn to choose from so I'm still going strong on my resolution. We enjoyed the morning walking around, petting baby goats and German Sheppard puppies. The alpacas were adorable and the sheep smelled bad. My mother-in-law decided that she wants to learn how to weave after watching a demonstration so we're shopping around for those big floor standing ones that come in a kit. Here's my grand purchase of the day:

I was actually looking for some bright colored roving since all I have are natural shades (which I love). The red initially caught my eye and the blue won me over quickly too. But then I saw how well the two natural shades went with the blue and red so I bought those too. 4 balls for $18 total - not bad plus it was a local buy so I was happy. I did purchase some lotion made from goat's milk that's made in Evans Mills. The lady was extremely friendly and I really liked the light scent.

So I purchased more roving but I haven't been in the mood to spin lately. I decided enough of the alpaca since it's bringing me down. I'm switching back to the wool tomorrow. Tonight is the knitting club and I have nothing that I can knit and talk at the same time. I was hoping to find an easy sock pattern for my Wool of the Andes yarn but no luck yet. I'll post the FO details on my Branching Out scarf tomorrow.

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