Tuesday, June 5, 2007


It's raining again today - so nice to finally have rain. All of my flowers and bushes were desperately needing it. Our grass was even starting to brown and that never happens. It's just a slow rain with a burst here and there of an actual shower. So nice to listen to all day :)

Last night I joined up with the local Monday Night knitting club and we had a good time. I wisely decided to knit up a simple dishcloth instead of working on the Branching Out lace scarf. I definitely can't knit lace and talk at the same time. This is how far I got in a couple hours last night:

Isn't it so cool to see how the color pools? I never get tired of that! I'm using the Blissful Moss Rib pattern and it's complete mindless knitting. I'll save this beauty for my next social outing - most likely this weekend.

Tonight is for spinning but I'm just not feeling the groove right now. Maybe by tonight I will but I have a feeling I'll just be knitting up more of that scarf tonight and just relax. I'll leave you with another kitty picture. I call this one "Cat in a Box" otherwise known as "Kitty Heaven".

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