Monday, June 11, 2007

Free Paris!

Just kidding. Ha!

We headed up north this past weekend to spend quality time with my parents. It was a great trip. I took a break from the lace scarf and just hammered out a couple dishcloths.

Yeah, that's me trying to be artistic with the camera. It just doesn't work :)

I think it's great to work on these in the summer. It's hot out and very nice to work with cotton. Plus they're quick and easy projects. I'm saving them up for my Christmas presents this year. My idea is to make a set of dishcloths, handmade candles and a few soaps to give to my close friends and family. We like doing handmade gifts so this should work out nicely.

Today is Monday so that means the Monday Night Knitting Group will be in full effect tonight. I'm going to grab another ball of cotton yarn just in case but I'm going to try knitting that Alpaca Cloud with two strands and see if I can get it to look nice as something. No clue what pattern yet but I have all day to figure that out.

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