Friday, June 1, 2007

Massive Garage Sale

I am definitely not exaggerating. Tomorrow will be a massive garage sale. We spent all last weekend bringing out all the stuff, organizing it and then pricing it. When we purchased my husbands grandparents home and agreed to get rid of their stuff for them we had no idea. NO IDEA! Last year we made 7 trips to the dump in one weekend alone. We then tried to pack away pretty or useful things in case we would need them. Since they were never used it's time to clear out. Here's a picture of everything packed in my garage waiting patiently to go to their new homes:

This is the best picture I could get. Tomorrow we plan to move half of the tables out to our driveway so there's space to walk around. We chose this weekend because our entire neighborhood is having a community wide garage sale and we're hoping to have a ton of people all day long (please! please! please!)

I feel very guilty about some of the things going. Crystal glasses, antique dishes and serving plates - really beautiful stuff but we just don't have the room anymore. I'm hoping to make enough money from this sale to offset the cost of re-doing one of our bathrooms.

OK - on to spinning news! I successfully spun last night, sticking to my "Tuesdays & Thursdays are for spinning" mantra. My back was hurting from my bad posture but I noticed that my spinning is actually getting better. It's slowing getting thinner and more even, instead of the rope with lumps that I got on my first night spinning alpaca. I've got a total of 3 bobbins full now:

I have one more Lazy Kate to work with and then I'll start plying. This feels like it would be nice as a 2-ply yarn knit up into a simple scarf pattern. It's definitely something that would feel wonderful on your skin!


Kim said...

Hey! Found your blog through the knitting blog-ring. Good luck with your garage sale! It looks like you have a ton of good stuff. I'm a new spinner too (2 bobbins so far) and it is getting better each time I sit down to spin.

Angela said...

Thanks! What's amazing is the amount of craft supplies that I found. The problem is that I don't sew or do any beading work so I'm selling it all! I am keeping the ancient knitting patterns though!

Cactusneedles said...

Wow!! That's a lot of stuff to sell. Hope it goes well for you. Hope you have a profitable day! :)

Amanda1 said...

Good luck with the garage sale. I'm sure it is hard to get rid of some of that stuff, but at least some others will enjoy it all as much as you and your grandparents did.

Anonymous said...

Too bad you're so far away 'cause I would've liked to have a look at the antique dishes!