Thursday, June 28, 2007

Did Anyone Notice?

Awhile back I read a blog that had a little counter with the number of days it's been since that particular knitter purchased yarn. I thought that was a great motivator so I copied the code and added it to my blog - with a little help from my husband of course. I thought it was pretty amazing that it's been since Labor Day weekend in 2006 that I purchased yarn, not an easy task.

Today I've hit 300 days!

That's quite the achievement since I knit or spin every night and sometimes during the day on the weekends when my son is napping. I have purchased absolutely beautiful yarn in the past only to have it hidden away in my stash for a rainy day. Well, after buying an old house and spending a butt-load of money to fix it up, I decided that I needed to save some money and make some room since now my craft room is also my office and a spare bedroom.

It has been so much fun trying to find patterns for my yarn. I think I bought a case of the cotton Sugarn' Cream yarn, probably to get free shipping (yes I'm cheap). I haven't gotten bored yet working those in as my social knitting projects. The biggest challenge will be finding patterns for the Wool-Ease sport weight yarn that I bought dirt cheap. It was at a close out store in Chicago (I think Tuesday Morning) and that type of yarn is now discontinued. I'm leaning towards a set of mittens, hat & scarf all for charity but no luck finding the perfect patterns yet.

I will be adding yarn to my Wish List very soon though just in case my family decides to spoil me on Christmas. I would really like to make a sweater and a few shawls, maybe even join a sock club- but technically I have until December 31st to knit what I already own. So that will be another . . . 6 months from now - my Lord - that seems like an eternity!

So, I'm just going to say it again: It's been 300 days since I purchased yarn!!!
(my husband is very proud)

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