Monday, June 25, 2007

Testament of Love

What a crazy weekend! We started out hosting my cousin, his wife and their son (our godson) for the day. They are up for a graduation and they live in Florida so it was a real treat to spend time with them. Here's our kids playing together (godson is on the left & taller, my son is on the right & shorter)

They were so cute together. Tyler is about 9 months older than Will and he was very good about sharing his toys. It was so much fun watching them play!

For knitting news: my mother-in-law is wonderful. She knew how much I would appreciate a hand knit sweater for Christmas. She worked hard at finding the right pattern, the right yarn and knitting everything up in time - all while living on a boat! BUT, when she tried to sew it together she realized there were a few fatal mistakes. Had there just been one mistake she could have fixed it but:
1. the front was longer than the back
2. the arm holes didn't match up
3. the front panel decreases didn't line up
4. the shoulder seam started halfway down the arm and looked funny

She had made these mistakes during the time that she was ill so it's all taken in stride. My mother-in-law is an accomplished knitter and taught me everything I know. So my beautiful sweater went from these pieces:

to these beautiful little yarn cakes:

She had never used a ball wider before so we had fun unraveling everything and winding it up. We searched my binder of patterns and found Eris. I had printed out this pattern a few years ago because I just love the cables. It's an intermediate pattern with advanced cable work so I'm definitely not ready for it yet. She decided that the yarn that she already has works and it's a raglan top down and she loves that method for making sweaters. So I'm getting the Eris cardigan now! YAY!!


Carla said...

I haven't done Eris (though I have it) but I have done Rogue. Don't be scared by the intermediate label. Jenna's patterns are so detailed, that even a novice knitter could pull it off. Seriously!

Angela said...

I have the pattern for Rogue and for the hat. I will probably knit up the hat first just to help my confidence level. Thanks for the nudge! 2008 is going to be my year to make an adult sweater and a few shawls!