Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I have been waiting all week for today. Last week we had company and craziness so I couldn't spin on Tuesday and Thursday night. I was just recently suffering from a lack of motivation to spin - probably because I was wrapped up in knitting lace and loving it. Anyway, I'm ready now to spin away!

Last week my husband took some time and organized the downstairs closet for me.

I didn't ask him to do this - he just thought it would be helpful for me when getting my spinning out each night. No more sifting through coats hanging up to get to my roving. He's so thoughtful! Awhile back he built a little stand for my wheel to sit on so we could still throw some shoes underneath it. It's sturdy and safe for my wheel to be stored.

He also moved out some older picture albums so I could have a full shelf for my roving (this picture is only half of the shelf - stupid sliding closet doors).

Yes, there are diapers in there and our wedding album but hey, we are still a young family and we need the room.

Especially when I keep buying more roving! I found the Angel Knoll Alpaca farm a couple months back as we were driving around in the North Country. I finally got to go back and visit their gift shop and it was extremely high quality items. I think they said that they have over 40 alpacas right now, plus chickens, goats, kittens and one very friendly dog (he couldn't lick Will's face enough). I ended up buying 3 four ounce balls of roving:

The black and silver are both 100% alpaca. The white is a 50/50 mix of alpaca and wool. It's so beautiful and soft, I can't wait to spin it.

With this recent purchase I had a realization: if 2007 was the year to not buy yarn then 2008 will be the year to not buy roving, so I'm stocking up!

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