Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I working on my Branching Out scarf last night and it felt so good. I was lazy and didn't feel like spinning so I just cuddled with the cats and knitted.

All day I have been taking pictures and posting ads on CraigsList. Remember that massive garage sale? Well, we still can't park in the garage. We're taking some things to the Rescue Mission and everything else that's nice is getting posted online. I already sold my first item. Yay for me!

So, here's my shameless promotion: If you contact me through the CraigsList ad and mention my blog I will give you 25% off of the total price. Everything is already marked to sell so that's a great deal. I'd rather not ship anything so hopefully you live in the Syracuse area or Upstate NY but if you really want something I'll price out the shipping for you through UPS. Please help me park in my garage once again!

Glass dishes, cake plates, trays
Syralite by Syracuse china dish set - SOLD!
Artwork - Nature Scenes
Kitchen Art - SOLD!
Knife and Cheese Tray
Large lot of varied planters
Vases, 4 glass & 1 copper - SOLD!

This is just the tip of the iceberg but you have to start somewhere! Tomorrow I will go back to the regular talk and pictures of knitting, spinning, kitties and my big baby boy!

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