Monday, November 26, 2007

Building That List For 2008

This morning I came up with a great idea for #3 on my resolution list:

1. Learn how to knit using two circular needles
2. Knit a project using color work techniques (more than one color in a row)
3. Finish the Great American Aran Afghan

I've got all of the yarn purchased already and it filled up a storage bin. I'm at a skill level where I could probably do 2-3 a month if I set my mind to it. Not only would it be nice to have a finished afghan to actually keep for myself but imagine an empty bin! I'd be able to actually shop for yarn without feeling guilty!

This would also help me with the "Knit from your Stash" movement. I don't mind stashing yarn when it's a hank or two. But this is for an entire afghan so it takes up much more space. I really want to move on to other projects (shawls! sweaters!) but I can't do it until this one is finished and out of my storage area. It's such a cool project that it deserves to be a priority for 2008!

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