Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Continuing That Resolution List

BTW - I'm still looking for people to sign up for the PIF Exchange. If you're interested you'll need to comment on yesterday's post here. Come on! Let's make the world a better place with handmade gifts!


Yes I am still working on that sweater and loving it. I'm close to finishing the front panel this week and starting the sleeves next week. Oh yeah! This is such an evil project because I'm learning that sweaters just aren't that difficult to make, they just take a little longer than a normal project. I see more sweaters in my future for sure!


On to expanding my resolution list for next year. Today I'm going to add learning color work:

1. Learn how to knit using two circular needles
2. Knit a project using color work techniques (more than one color in a row).

Did you notice that I didn't specify which technique? That would be because I have no idea which one to try first. I'm going to keep it broad just to make it easier on myself. So far I know of Fair Isle and Intarsia but that's about it. I'd like to educate myself on all the different ones out there and see which one I like best. I've never actually tried using more than two colors in a row before so this should be fun.

Just to prove that I'm serious about these I already asked my husband to buy one of the Bea Ellis Knitwear Headband Kits. I narrowed it down to either the Nordic or Telemark pattern but he can pick the colors. I'm so brave!

The biggest reason why I want to learn this is that my favorite sweaters tend to have the Nordic-ish patterns on the yoke. I would love to knit up a couple for myself and then some smaller ones for my son. The cuteness would be out of this world.

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