Friday, November 16, 2007

Charity: Oddball Baby Blanket

I was so excited to see that the Oddball Baby Blanket arrived yesterday! This is the primary color themed blanket that will eventually go to a children's hospital in Snowbear's hometown that specialized in infants and children. It's been nicknamed the Crayola Box blanket and I love it. Shandeh used a basket stitch pattern for her red section and I continued with that pattern for my navy blue section. So much fun! I should be finished with the knitting tonight or tomorrow night and then I'll be out shopping for fund goodies to include with the package for the next person.

Here's the goodies that Shandeh sent me:

That journal is lovely and I want to find a nice purpose for it. Here's a shot of my navy blue with Shandeh's red:

Red is the toughest color to photograph. It really is a vibrant red but no matter how I tried I couldn't get it to come through correctly. Some day that wonderful husband of mine is going to build me a light box. Maybe that would help . . .

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