Thursday, November 15, 2007

Half Way Point

BTW - I'm still looking for people to sign up for the PIF Exchange. If you're interested you'll need to comment on yesterday's post here. Come on! Let's make the world a better place with handmade gifts! (I'm going to put this at the beginning of every post until I get 3 people)


I'm about 2 inches shy of beginning the decreases for the front panel of the sweater. I'm definitely ready for a change and I'm looking forward to actually reading the directions. I'll post a picture as soon as the front is finished.


Well, today is officially my 15th post in November and with only 30 days in this month I'd have to say that I hit the half way point. I signed up for National Blog Posting Month mainly for the prizes. It's sad but at least I'm honest! These prizes are way cooler than anything I've seen before. I know that the odds are against me for winning but it's fun to try.

I normally blog during the week days about my knitting and lack of spinning. This challenge has forced me to write about non-craft related things which is ok. When December 1st comes I will most likely revert back to craft topics with a mix of baby and cat pictures. I definitely won't be posting on the weekends - that just takes too much away from my family time!

I would also love to be finished with my 2 Christmas knitting projects by then so I can relax with my spinning 1-2 nights a week again. With all of our TV shows probably going to reruns soon it will be nice to just let my husband play xbox, listen to music and spin all night long. I definitely have enough roving in my stash to spin all winter long!

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