Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Pattern for Spring Knitting

I get those advertisements in the mail for one free magazine all the time. I usually send them back if it's something I'll at least flip through. If it's knitting related I always send for it, you never know when a pattern might come in handy. This time they sent me a free pattern too. So cool. That's the way to get me on board and subscribe!

It's called Knit 'n Style. Anyone heard of it? Me neither. I automatically filled out the reply card and then saw the pattern. It's one that I would actually knit:

Simple, no buttons, perfect for my office when it's just a touch cool in the mornings. The yarn called for is brand new: Plymouth Yarn Super Taj Mahal, 70% superfine merino, 22% silk and 8% cashmere. It's safe to assume that this is going to feel luxurious. So a little research with the help of Google and the cheapest I can find the yarn is $85 USD for package of 10 balls and I'll need at least 14 because I'm what you call a big girl. If I were to buy all 14 individually it would be at least $133 USD.

I don't know about you but I can't remember the last time I paid that much for a sweater. I know that the merino/silk/cashmere is expensive but wow that's a lot. Maybe I'm just cheap. I'll have to wait for this yarn to be out for a few months and then see what substitutions can be made for similar results.

No I'm not cheap, I'm resourceful/frugal/sensible. Besides, for $133 I could fill a cart up at Target with clothes for our son. That I could do without blinking an eye . . .

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