Friday, November 9, 2007

Expanding Horizons

I don't know if other people are like me but when I learned to knit I found the easiest way to cast on and just stuck with it. It wasn't very elastic but worked for me with most projects. I decided today to learn the Long-Tail Cast-On technique with the help of Amy over at Knitting Help. Within a few minutes I've got it down. I did have to play the video a few times but that's just because I'm so anal. I casted on and ripped it out 3 times just to make sure I remembered. I love that each video is short and to the point. Here's my final cast on:

Not very exciting to most people but I'm thrilled to have a new technique to use. This is for the scarf that my mother asked for her Christmas present. I thought an elastic cast on would be nice and it's only 26 stitches so no worries on ripping it out several times.

I decided that I need a little break from the sweater. It's going really well but sometimes you need a small project on straight needles that goes quickly. I changed it up to Yarn Harlot's One Row Handspun Scarf pattern. I liked the stitch pattern and loved the idea that it's a one row pattern. Super simple and perfect weekend knitting while our family is in town visiting.

I'm so glad that I found Knitting Help years ago. I've used it so much and just recently I saw that there's a 3 needle bind off needed in my sweater pattern. I'll be going back to the site & videos once again to help me through!

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Mo said...

Long Tail is always my caston of choice. Plus when you have cast on, you already have one row done!