Monday, November 12, 2007

Thanksgiving Preparations

Knitting last night on the scarf went well until I noticed a mistake that wasn't able to be ignored. I ripped out about an hours worth of work. No worries though. It's a gift so it needs to look nice. Tonight I'll go back to knitting the sweater. The weekend was a perfect break for me so that this project doesn't become monotonous.

Thanksgiving is a week and a half away but preparations are already being made. We're having a spiral cut ham this year - oh yeah we live dangerously - and I'm taking care of the pies as usual. Since there will be 4 and 1/2 of us there we're having 3 pies:

1. Chocolate Chip Cheese Cake pie - new last year
2. Chocolate Peanut Butter pie - new for this year
3. Lemon meringue pie - family specialty every year

All are home made and all will be absolutely delicious. Desserts and appetizers are normally my thing when we have family get togethers so I love being able to bake. If this ends up being the final dessert menu I'll post recipes here as long as I'm not violating some one's copyright issues. Are recipes copyrighted?


Mrs. Jaworowicz said...
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Mrs. Jaworowicz said...


Our moms know each other from HSBC! I deleted the first comment, because my email was wrong. I couldn't find a direct link to email you, so could you email me at macflutieATyahooDOTcom? We both spin and knit, so they thought we should get in touch with each other...

Deb Jaworowicz