Saturday, November 17, 2007

First Real Snow

BTW - I'm still looking for people to sign up for the PIF Exchange. If you're interested you'll need to comment on my post here. Come on! Let's make the world a better place with handmade gifts! I'm going to make some fun candles as soon as I get 3 people to sign up.


Yesterday we had our first real snow fall for this winter and it was beautiful. Big, fat, heavy chunks of snow. When I got up this morning there was a blanket of snow covering everything. Our oak tree hasn't quite lost it's leaves yet so it was cool to see the red leaves with snow on them and then our giant evergreen in the background.

This snow will probably last about a day or two but it's perfect for inspiring me to work on getting ready for the holidays. I'll need to run to the store to get the final ingredients needed for my pies.

I've only got 2 rows left to knit on the Oddball Baby Blanket and then I'll have it mailed out first thing Monday morning. I can't wait to shop for some goodies to send to the next knitter.

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